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What to Consider When You Want to Move Out

You have decided to file for divorce. Now What? Its uncomfortable to live in the same place with your soon to be ex-spouse. But, should you move out? The first concern in making that decision is SAFETY.  Are you afraid of your spouse? Do you fear that you may be in danger? Has there been […]

How to Avoid Losing it All During Divorce

You Don’t Have to Lose it All to Move On You have probably heard a horror story about someone who lost their kids, their house, their car and their retirement during their divorce. It’s hard to believe that some really bad things can happen in a divorce that no one ever anticipated. You may have […]

Divorce and Spousal Support

How Spousal Support is Determined in Divorce in Michigan If you’re going through divorce, you may be wondering about spousal support. How much will you receive? Or, how much will you pay? And how long will it last? An experienced family law attorney can answer all of your questions, advocate for you and help you […]


Divorce and Your Business: The Role of “Fault” in Dividing the Marital Estate

While fault plays a role in determining an equitable division of marital assets, it’s generally not overemphasized. It’s understandable and natural to want to point fingers and assign blame in divorce. However, the goal of the court is not to award blame and innocence, but rather to find an equitable division of marital assets. In […]


Divorce and Your Business

How the Value of Your Business is Determined & Divided What Happens to Your Business During Divorce? If you’re facing divorce and own an interest in a business, it’s important to understand how your business will be handled. Whether it be: tool and die, law office, chiropractor, photography, hair salon, manufacturing, grocery store, family farm, […]


What To Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Ten Tips to Consider Before You Hire a Divorce Attorney Finding the right divorce attorney starts with you! The process of divorce can be difficult. But having the right attorney on your side can make the proceedings and life beyond divorce a much more positive endeavor. Choosing the right divorce attorney doesn’t have to be […]