Drivers License Restoration, The Appeal Hearing

The third step to drivers license restoration in Michigan is the actual appeal hearing.

This is the 3rd part in a 4-part series on the topic.
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Work Done Prior to the Appeal Hearing Leads to Success

Winning a Drivers License Restoration Appeal in Michigan - LakeshoreLawandMediation.comAlthough the actual appeal hearing in front of the DAAD Officer is the most nerve-wracking part of the process, the most important part is all of the work you did prior to it.

The paperwork described in Part 2: Beginning Your Appeal contains all of the information that is key to a successful appeal for drivers license restoration.

In the actual appeal hearing, you speak with the Officer about the documents, and confidently convey your situation and sobriety.


Preparing for the Appeal Hearing

You can request a drivers license restoration appeal hearing in the State of Michigan by video or in-person at one of the 3 DAAD Offices (Grand Rapids, Lansing or Livonia).

Drivers License Restoration Appeal in MichiganWe recommend an in-person hearing to fully convey your sincerity. A video hearing isn’t as personal and it can be harder to win without the personal connection, communication and body-language. You will be notified of the date, time and location.

Prior to the hearing, you should meet with your drivers license lawyer to prepare. Your attorney can help you know what is expected of you and what happens during the hearing. It is common for the Hearing Officer to ask you very specific questions.

It is imperative that you are very familiar with:

  • Your Substance Abuse Evaluation provided by the Counselor
  • The content of your letters of support
  • If you have gone to AA, know each of the steps, the serenity prayer and the philosophy of AA


The Appeal Hearing

The hearing itself is conducted in a room that resembles a small courtroom. The Hearing Officer sits behind a bench, and you sit on the other side with your attorney.

An opportunity to give an opening statement is given to your attorney and then he or she will start asking you some questions. They typically begin with simple questions to put you at ease.

Drivers License Restoration Appeal Hearing in Michigan - LakeshoreLawandMediation.comThings like your name, address and occupation will get things started, followed by questions that address anything peculiar about your case. A good attorney will review them with you beforehand so you’re prepared. 

When your attorney has concluded with questions, it’s the Hearing Officer’s turn. Your attorney should also prepare you for what he or she may ask, and what the best answers will be. It is important to answer truthfully.

Because so much work has been done to prepare documents and information prior to the hearing, you will be well prepared to answer questions and verify what is already in the reports.

Since you have made the commitment to be sober, and have taken steps to get there, the appeal hearing is your time to explain it all. Providing the Hearing Officer with confirmation of your commitment, the actions to took to become sober and why will you remain that way is the essence of the hearing.


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