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Difference Between Driving with License Revoked Charge vs. Driving While Suspended Charge

Driving while license suspended or driving while license revoked; are they the same thing? There are similarities between driving with a suspended license and driving with a revoked license, although many people use the two interchangeably.  And while it’s true the two violate the same rule of law, the penalties can be very different. A revoked license typically results in situations […]


What is an “Established Custodial Environment”?

An “Established Custodial Environment” (ECE) is VERY important to understand if you are dealing with Child Custody. Whether or not an ECE exists will determine your burden of proof in order to be successful in your request for custody. In other words, will you need a LOT of evidence or just ENOUGH to prove your […]

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Co-Parenting Tips

You are getting a divorce because you do NOT like your spouse. But you don’t want your kids to be caught in the middle of anything nasty. It’s just not good for them. “He did WHAT?” your friend commiserates with you. “I never liked her.” Your friend looks you in the eye. Your child overhears. This […]


Infidelity in Divorce

The Effects of Infidelity in Divorce Settlements in Michigan Even though Michigan is a No-Fault Divorce State, infidelity in divorce can affect contested issues with property settlement, spousal support and child custody. If this story sounds familiar, an expert divorce attorney can help sort out the divorce that could follow. “I didn’t think it would ever happen to […]