Family Law Mediators in Michigan - Lakeshore Law & Mediation serves Holland, Muskegon and Grand Haven to resolve family issues without court costsResolve family issues quickly and affordably with a Certified Family Law Mediator

Sometimes a happy family is anything but. Legal issues, financial matters, custody disputes, major healthcare decisions and more can tear apart an otherwise happy family. But they can be resolved out of court with a Certified Mediator to save you money and time, reduce stress and keep family matters private.

The experienced family mediator at Lakeshore Law & Mediation Center, Lori J. Zellers, is ready to help you find quick resolution and peace of mind!

She will facilitate a mediation meeting that focuses on the right issues, presents options to find solutions and gets results so everyone can move forward.

Sitting down with a Certified Mediator, you will:

  • Gain clarity on the real issues
  • See the possible options
  • Focus on solutions
  • Find common ground
  • Get reasonable results for all parties


A family mediator can help you with any type of family dispute. From conflicts on care for elderly parents and probate mediation, to parenting time schedule disputes and divorce mediation, we can help you find compromise. Move forward faster and more affordably with a legal mediator.

Mediation is often the best way to resolve family law issues.

  • Family Law Mediation Services - Lakeshore Law & Mediation Center of MichiganCost-Savings – Avoid court costs and steep attorney fees.
  • Privacy – There is no need to air family business in public; mediation gives you privacy to resolve sensitive issues.
  • More Control – Put the decisions in your hands, not a judge’s and eliminate the incredible stress of litigation.
  • Quicker Resolution – End conflict sooner, with less stress and less cost than lengthy court battles
  • Less Emotional Stress – Lower the emotional-stress by discussing issues to find resolution, instead of battling through attorneys.
  • Less Trauma on Children – Faster and less emotionally-charged than court proceedings, mediation reduces the amount of stress on kids.
  • Less Stress on Aging Parents – Keep your family working together, instead of tearing each other apart.


Lakeshore Law & Mediation Center’s expertise, caring demeanor and straightforward approach to mediation helps you find compromise, resolution and peace. We can also facilitate divorce mediation and mediate Probate issues in Wills.


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