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With proper estate planning, your family can easily deal with your affairs in the event you were to die or become disabled. Legally-binding Wills and Trusts, as well as assigning Durable Power of Attorney and a Medical Advocate are essential to ensuring your wishes are carried out. It can also help you avoid unnecessary taxes and, in some cases, Probate Court.

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Estate Planning Lawyers help you gather records of insurance, investments, property and other assets as part of the process. Then help you plan how to manage assets and medical care when you cannot. Expert estate attorneys ensure that all documents are created accordance with Michigan Probate Law to ensure your assets are protected and distributed according to your plan.


Family Law Attorneys in MichiganWriting a Will

Your Will lays out specific details for what should happen to your assets upon your death. To avoid problems with Michigan probate courts, an attorney ensures it follows the requirements. More information about Wills in Michigan >

Creating a Trust

A Trust can be included with your Will. It assigns specific beneficiaries to your assets, and in Michigan, helps protect your assets from high inheritance taxes, and avoid lengthy probate court proceedings. Learn more about establishing a Trust >

Probate Law in Michigan

When a loved one passes away, the Probate Court of Michigan requires certain steps to be taken. Assets and debts must be handled according to state guidelines. Information on Probate Law >

Durable Power of Attorney

A component of estate planning in Michigan, Power of Attorney must be established in a Will in two different ways: one for financial matters and another for healthcare.

More about Durable Power of Attorney >
More about assigning a Medical Advocate >


Divorce Family Estate Attorneys in Michigan Lakeshore Law and MediationHiring an estate planning attorney is a wise choice. 

Lakeshore Law & Mediation will ensure your documents are upheld in probate court, and guarantee that beneficiaries can access your assets with little legal hassle. After all, you don’t want them to spend months in court sorting out your estate.


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