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There are many couples who choose not to marry one another when they are expecting the birth of a child. The reasons for that decision are as varied as the people who make that decision. Once the child is born there may be many legal questions about what will happen next.

What about the name of your child?

Did you know that there is a Michigan statute (Law) Public Health Code, Act  368 of 1978 (333.2824) that grants an unmarried mother (she must be unmarried at the time of conception or birth) of a child the right to name the child. The father’s name will not be placed on the certificate of birth without the written consent of the mother AND without the completion, and filing with the state registrar, of an acknowledgment of parentage by the mother and the individual to be named as the father.

If you have questions about the birth of your child or a child that you are expecting, knowing your rights and responsibilities is a good first step in becoming a responsible parent.

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