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‘Dave’ and his estranged wife ‘Emily’ are in the early stages of planning a divorce.  As they contemplate the necessary steps, Dave recently reached out for an initial consultation with attorney Lori Zellers. Since Dave and Emily have a six-year-old daughter, Dave naturally had questions about custody and parenting time. One in particular was:

How Does Joint Custody Work?

There are two types of joint custody, legal and physical.

Legal custody involves making joint decisions with the other parent that affect important decisions in your child’s life. Joint legal custody issues are medical, educational, emotional, and other important decisions that will affect the course of your child’s life. Sometimes parents are unable to agree about the best school for their child to attend. If the parents have joint legal custody they must discuss and resolve these issues between themselves. If they are unable to do so, the court will hold a hearing and will break the stalemate by analyzing the Child Custody Act “best interests” factors.

Physical custody involves the schedule of the family. Joint physical custody requires the parents to work out a schedule for the family that accommodates what works best for your unique family situation. Today’s families are very busy. Working parents and school age children are often involved in various activities. It’s important to sit down and think through different scenarios and envision what would be best for the family.

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