How to Avoid Losing it All During Divorce with Expert Help from Lakeshore Law and Mediation of Grand Haven, MI

You Don’t Have to Lose it All to Move On You have probably heard a horror story about someone who lost their kids, their house, their car and their retirement during their divorce. It’s hard to believe that some really bad things can happen in a divorce that no one ever anticipated. You may have […]

How Spousal Support is Determined by Lakeshore Law & Mediation

How Spousal Support is Determined in Divorce in Michigan If you’re going through divorce, you may be wondering about spousal support. How much will you receive? Or, how much will you pay? And how long will it last? An experienced family law attorney can answer all of your questions, advocate for you and help you […]

The Role of Fault in Dividing the Marital Estate by Lakeshore Law & Mediation

While fault plays a role in determining an equitable division of marital assets, it’s generally not overemphasized. It’s understandable and natural to want to point fingers and assign blame in divorce. However, the goal of the court is not to award blame and innocence, but rather to find an equitable division of marital assets. In […]

Valuing a Closely Held Business by Lakeshore Law & Mediation

What is a Closely Held Business? A closely held business is defined as a business entity whose shares are held by only a small number of stockholders. The stockholders typically have a common interest in the company (i.e., family members), and the shares of stock are generally not traded in the public stock market1. Valuing […]