Divorce and your Business

How the Value of Your Business is Determined & Divided What Happens to Your Business During Divorce? If you’re facing divorce and own an interest in a business, it’s important to understand how your business will be handled. Whether it be: tool and die, law office, chiropractor, photography, hair salon, manufacturing, grocery store, family farm, […]

Ten Tips to Consider Before You Hire a Divorce Attorney Finding the right divorce attorney starts with you! The process of divorce can be difficult. But having the right attorney on your side can make the proceedings and life beyond divorce a much more positive endeavor. Choosing the right divorce attorney doesn’t have to be […]

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How the Hague Convention Applies to Child Custody Orders What is the Hague Convention? The Hague Convention is a treaty that was enacted on October 25, 1980. It was enacted to protect children from abduction across international borders. This may be especially important in divorce cases or custody cases where one parent wishes to keep […]

Be Smart About Finances in Divorce! Some marriages are just unhappy. Days of bickering and cold shoulders pile one on top of the next. For some, marriage counseling can offer a new perspective. For others, divorce may be the fresh start they have been seeking. If you have decided to file for divorce, or you have […]